quinta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2010

Flamingo Breeze #2

1.Vamos Branches 2010
2.Solar System is My God High Wolf Ascencion 2010
3.Blessed Wet Hair Bored Fortress 7"s - Wet Hair + Peaking Lights 2010
4.Shandor's Dream Dylan Ettinger New Wave Outlaws 2010
5.The Bridge of Marin Rangers Bored Fortress 7"s - Ducktails + Rangers 2010
6.Temple Room Umberto Prophecy of the Black Widow 2010
7.Blackmass II Robert Foster Blackmass EP 2010
8.União de Coimbra Futebol Clube Strobe O Bom Gigante EP 2010
9.Hiroshima Peace Park, 1992 Duck Dive Home Recordings 2010
10.Lover's Start How to Dress Well Love Remains 2010
11.Pollen Kites Sail High Alone 2010

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