segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2014

Do You Believe in Cidade de Coimbra? - Mixtape

1.I Only Have Eyes for You Oneohtrix Point Never Comissions Vol.1 2014
2.Noctilucent Eco Virtual Atmospheres 第2 2014
3.L O B B Y Napolian Incursio 2014
4.Ikebana I Motion Sickness of Time Travel Alpha Piscium 2014
5.The Palace of Love 2 Pulse Emitter Planetary Scale Syhth Hypnosis 2014
6.Moss Agate (Under Ground of Older Somewhere) Mark McGuire Moss Agate 2014
7.Condor Panabrite Tracer 2014
8.Lakes in Moon Lace Bows Bows of Summer 2013
9.Digital Escapes Golden Living Room New Nostalgia 2014
10.Implanted Memories Infinity Frequencies Computer Afterlife 2014
11.Ikebana Garden Monster Rally Sunflower EP 2014


quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2014

Flamingo Breeze #171

1.Lost in the Abyss Infinity Frequencies Computer Afterlife 2014
2.withyou.wav ESPRIT空想 2014
3.Defragment#2 Afterhours Lowlife 2014
4.Baby Dre Bobby Browser Still Browsing 2013
5.Paradise Freaks Seahawks Paradise Freaks 2014
6.Agropecuária Falcão Guerrinha Educação Bentes EP 2014
7.Overtly Physical AyGeeTee Organic Excess 2014
8.A Life Worth Waiting For AyGeeTee Inorganic Excess 2014
9.I Am Returning Torn Hawk Through Force of Will 2014
10.Tons of Love LA Vampire Goes Ital Streetwise 2011
11.Hop Hop Gone in Spring Maria Minerva Tallin at Dawn 2011


segunda-feira, 9 de junho de 2014

Flamingo Breeze #168

1.Motel 6 Skylines Skylines 2011
2.PHANTASY Golden Living Room New Nostalgia 2014
3.Levantado da Lama Ondness Vudu Voguing #1 2014
4.Space (Motion Sickness of Time Travel Remix) Laraaji Laraaji Remixes 2014
5.Mechanical Panabrite Tracer EP 2014
6.Sweet Dreams (AyGeeTee Remix) WHITE TRI∆NGLES Remixes 2014
7.Abaihomani Low Jack Garifuna Variations 2013
8.AntiNight seixlacK Elo EP 2013
9.insult 2 injury Copeland Because I'm Worth It 2014
10.Dragon Tattoo Fatima Al-Qadiri Asiatisch 2014


quinta-feira, 24 de abril de 2014

Flamingo Breeze #166

1.Whatever Sima Kim Whatever 2013
2.Digital Escapes Golden Living Room New Nostalgia 2014
3.I Met Beserk Sugarm Pure Racket 2014
4.Dat Quiet Luv Chubby Boss Rap Vacation Vol.1 2014
5.Death After Life VI Thug Entrancer Death After Life 2014
6.Simulating Night Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza Daily Night Euphoria EP 2014
7.ラックスENJOY Death's Dynamic Shroud.wmv #NUWRLDの気持ち 2014
8.Deku Cambrian Cool Tapes 2014
9.Silk (ft. BBRAINZ) CYBEREALITYライフ Neonites 2014
10.Buy Mode II Young Muslim This Could Be Us But U Playing 2014
11.Advice to Young Girls (w/ Actress) Copeland Because I'm Worth It 2014
12.Mildew Swoosh Fis Preparations EP 2013
13.Onward Forest Swords Engravings 2013


quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2014

Flamingo Breeze #165

1.Chrome Country Oneohtrix Point Never R Plus Seven 2013
2.Scanops Bee Mask Vaporware/Scanops 2012
3.Joey's Heart Robert Foster Wall of Black 2013
4.Zeke's Dream Rangers Pan Am Stories 2011
5.Camaro Husk Luke Wyatt Songs from Bad Kid School 2014
6.Esoteric Wannabe AyGeeTee Staring at the Sea/Snapping at Your Heels 2013
7.Cold Water New Dreams Ltd. Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition 2014


sábado, 29 de março de 2014

Flamingo Breeze #163

1.Baby Saint Pepsi Gin City 2014
2.Total Body Workout Go Dugong WAS 2014
3.Lovesick Afterhours Lowlife 2014
4.Gold Arc Patten ESTOILE NAIANT 2014
5.Face V Wizard Of Face/Skeleton 2014
6. ありがとうございます、さよなら。SYLLABUS UPCOMING 2014
7.Rap Actress Ghettoville 2014
8.Wizard (Remix) Clams Casino Mixtape 3 2013
9.Hold Tight (album edit) P.Morris Debut 2014
10.It All Came Rushing Back Temporal Marauder Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel 2011
11.Corpse Kingdom Vertical XL 2013
12.Dwell Master Infinite SFV Acid The Dwell 2013
13.Vision of Completion Nguzunguzu Skycell 2013


quinta-feira, 20 de março de 2014

Flamingo Breeze #162

1. sasses pa ti wools go home now?
2. pixies         Mediafired       The Pathway Through Wathever
3. Eccojam A3  Chuck Person     Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol.1
4. Unfinished Sympathy  (Iliou Persis edit)     Massive Attack 
5. No No No LA Vampires  Zola Jesus LA Vampires meets Zola Jesus
6. Doesn't Matter (If You Love Him) Ital Hive Mind
7. Push The Feeling On ( Sabre Refix) Nightcrawlers
8. Crazy In Love Vtgnike Meowchi
9. Encore 2.0 Ultrademon + DJ Kiff Bubbles
10. I know Slava Raw Solutions
11. Save A Prayer (Original by Duran Duran)   Anders Blickmann