quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2012

Flamingo Breeze #80

1.Nightvoyager (ft. Marie Dior) Rap/Rap/Rap Birth of Man 2012
2.2 Dean Blunt + Inga Copeland Black is Beautiful 2012
3.Bass Clams Casino Instrumental Mixtape 2 2012
4.Lover's Start How to Dress Well Love Remains 2010
5.I Don't Wanna Know D'Eon LP 2012

Crónica "Tangerine", por Renan Alves

1.Somewhere Paul 2009
2.Calor do Amor Mahmundi Efeito das Cores 2012
3.Quarter Centrury Boy Love Concept 2010
4.Blue Camera College 2011
5.Beach Walk White Woods 2012

6.What a Day Wondr Generation Y Not 2012
8.Can't You Just Bwana Can't You Just 2012
9.Don't Care About Her Dreams Generation Y Not 2012
10.File Slava Soft Control 2012
11.I Know This (Can't be Love) XXXY Everything 2012


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