quinta-feira, 24 de abril de 2014

Flamingo Breeze #166

1.Whatever Sima Kim Whatever 2013
2.Digital Escapes Golden Living Room New Nostalgia 2014
3.I Met Beserk Sugarm Pure Racket 2014
4.Dat Quiet Luv Chubby Boss Rap Vacation Vol.1 2014
5.Death After Life VI Thug Entrancer Death After Life 2014
6.Simulating Night Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza Daily Night Euphoria EP 2014
7.ラックスENJOY Death's Dynamic Shroud.wmv #NUWRLDの気持ち 2014
8.Deku Cambrian Cool Tapes 2014
9.Silk (ft. BBRAINZ) CYBEREALITYライフ Neonites 2014
10.Buy Mode II Young Muslim This Could Be Us But U Playing 2014
11.Advice to Young Girls (w/ Actress) Copeland Because I'm Worth It 2014
12.Mildew Swoosh Fis Preparations EP 2013
13.Onward Forest Swords Engravings 2013


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