segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2014

Do You Believe in Cidade de Coimbra? - Mixtape

1.I Only Have Eyes for You Oneohtrix Point Never Comissions Vol.1 2014
2.Noctilucent Eco Virtual Atmospheres 第2 2014
3.L O B B Y Napolian Incursio 2014
4.Ikebana I Motion Sickness of Time Travel Alpha Piscium 2014
5.The Palace of Love 2 Pulse Emitter Planetary Scale Syhth Hypnosis 2014
6.Moss Agate (Under Ground of Older Somewhere) Mark McGuire Moss Agate 2014
7.Condor Panabrite Tracer 2014
8.Lakes in Moon Lace Bows Bows of Summer 2013
9.Digital Escapes Golden Living Room New Nostalgia 2014
10.Implanted Memories Infinity Frequencies Computer Afterlife 2014
11.Ikebana Garden Monster Rally Sunflower EP 2014


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