segunda-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2011

Flamingo Breeze #15

1. Bummer Of Beauty High Wolf 2010 Shangri L.A
2. Kids On A Merry-Go-Round At Eucalyptus Park Departmentstore Santas 1984 At The 3. Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-Year Lifetimes Since, D.S.
4. Make out skills Chat Room 2011 Make Out Skills
5. Side A Pink Priest 2010 And I Watched The Ivy Cover Your House
6. Homemade Debris Ezekiel Honig 2006 Scattered Practices
7. Rhodes Viola Multiplie Keith Fullerton Whitman 2004 Antithesis
8. Omega L.I.F.E . Megafortress 2011
9. I Hate the Way Things Are Dead Mellotron 2009 Ghost Light Constellation EP
10. Rico's Pawn Shop Dylan Ettinger 2010 New Age Outlaws
11. Aftermath - Island Of Self Dolphins Into The Future 2009 On Sea-Faring Isolation LP

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