quinta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2011

Flamingo Breeze #15

1.Sandy Vocals Lancil Sandy Vocals b/w Matching Triangle 7" 2011
2.A Song to Someone thosepocketsarepeople Steven Seagall is a Naughty Girl EP 2011
3.Radio Cherubs James Ferraro Night Dolls with Hair Spray 2010
4.Bergheim Outer Limits Recordings Foxy Baby 2010
5.For Rent Tickley Feather My Estrogeneration 2009
6.Blue Eyes on the Blvd. U.S. Girls Go Grey 2010
7.Harvest Stellar Om Source Ocean Woman 2009
8.Cottage Coffee Patch Sean McCann Open Resolve 2010
9.Persistent Repetition of Phrases Caretaker Persistent Repetition of Phrases 2008
10.White Out Caboladies Kind Glaze 2010
11.Wicker House Black Hippies Wicker House 2010

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