quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2012

Flamingo Breeze #68

1.Yr Mental Technicolour Sattva Technicolour Sattva 2012
2.Hall of Fame Teamm Jordan 2012
3.Cati mediafired 2011
4.I Wanna Know What Love Is (Party Trash edit) Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Tribute 2012
5.Peso (Suicide Year edit) ASAP Rocky Sewer Greats vol.3 2011
6.Opiate Vague Innercity + Bram Devens Terrestreality 2011
7.Stillness is the Move (Double Dipped and Screwed by White Rainbow) Solange Knowles 2010

8.Maccau Celebreties Bebetune$ Inhale C-4 $$$$$$$ 2011
9.Bucky Done Gun (Poor Spirits Remix) M.I.A 2012
10.Fucking with my Head XPOSURE Digital Perception 2011
11.Tiger Eyes (Cuticle Remix) Peaking Lights 936 Remixed (100% Silk) 2012
12.Only for Tonight Ital Only for Tonight EP 2011

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