quinta-feira, 8 de março de 2012

Flamingo Breeze #70

1.Departure Germany Germany Departure/Disconnect 2012
2.The Birds pt.1-2 (Monster Rally Remix) Monster Rally Coral II: The Remixes 2011
3.Vestido Vermelho Branches Alto Astral CS 2010
4.The Things we Are Galapagos 2012
5.New Rules Shine 2009 Realism 2011
6.Everybody Feels Good XPOSURE Digital Perception 2012
7.Keep On Shining CSLSX 2011
8.Feel it All Around Washed Out Life of Leisure EP 2009
9.I've Got Feelings Too Slava Soft Control 2012
10.Too Much to Lose (Elite Athlete Remix) Sun Glitters 2012
11.Breeze XXYYXX 2012
12.Rejoice Napolian Rejoice 2012
13.Thinking About Us (ft.Purple) IVVVO I Just Love You 2011
14.Feel Something Holy Other With U EP 2011

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